To produce a high quality chocolate, every detail is relevant – in ingrediente selection, formulation choice and process control. We use only selected cocoa beans – only with good raw igredients a great chocolate can be made.

Only pure cocoa butter is used – no substitute fats, such as hydrogenated and other vegetable fats can be used in a quality chocolate. Additionally, cocoa butter is naturally trans-fat free.

The only aroma used in Nugali chocolates is pure vanilla extract, which was already present in the ceremonial drink prepared with cocoa beans, praised by the Aztecs.

True vanilla is obtained from the orchid Vanilla planifolia, and has a very rich aroma palette, which pairs perfectly with quality chocolate.

Nugali formulations are less sweet, emphasizing the cocoa flavors.

Our milk chocolate has a 45% cocoa content, dark chocolates from 60% up to 80% cocoa, where the cocoa flavor is more present and all its richness can be enjoyed.

These high cocoa levels and natural ingrdients make all the difference for a healty chocolate. Rich in flavonoids, cocoa is a powerful antioxidant, benefiting the cardiovascular system and fighting free radicals in the body.


Besides the selection of ingredients and formulations, part of the secret of a great chocolate lies in its processing.

Once fermented, roasted, cleaned and pre-ground, the cocoa beans are combined with cocoa butter, sugar and milk (in milk chocolate). The ingredients are heated to a precise temperature and kept in gentle motion.

The chocolate is then refined. Good chocolates are refined very fine, resulting in a smooth, velvety texture on the palate.

Once the desired texture is reached, the conching begins, where the formulation is heated and agitated for several hours, for full flavor development. Without adequate conching, the chocolate loses in flavor and texture – this process is like aging for scotches and brandies.

To reach its full maturity, Nugali chocolates are conched for up to 72 hours!

The result of all this care can be felt in the chocolate flavor.


Like a good wine, every quality chocolate has a personality composed of different flavors and aromas.

When tasting a quality chocolate, let it melt in your mouth and use the flavor wheel as reference and try to identify the flavor notes you feel. With a little practice, you will become a chocolate tasting expert!